A list of foods that start with B Letter || Fitness for Life

A list of foods that start with B Letter || Fitness for Life

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This post will cover a list of foods that start with B and a short description of some reasons for eating foods.

There is a massive List of super foods to choose over the world. You can roam any food market aisle to select in each category. But which foods can we decide to buy and eat? It’s not a simple task, as you think.

We like to buy foods for many reasons Including family preferences, personal taste, cultural involvements, mind satisfaction, health care’s, communal pressures, cost, and capacity of the available offers all come into play when we decide what to eat.

The United States offers one of the most plenteous food supplies around the world. But with large quantity come overeating and, eventually, the terrible weight gain related health issues.

From a recent surveys report, now we are more conscious in diet and health than ever before. But many obese and overweight Americans tell a diverse story.

The more you learn, the more you will be able to conscious your food selection; besides, you will be able to control what you eat daily.

Take this assessment to learn if there are things you can make life easier. The main reason we like some particular foods for our tastiness.

We don’t eat blueberries for having their antioxidant sources — we eat them because of their taste is good.

Taste preferences more or less depend on when we’re born, with even babies love for sweetness and fats. We develop a taste for other flavors.

foods that start with B

Some studies have recommended that children show a wide range of fondness on foods in early life. They enjoy a greater variety of flavors than adults. See here a list of Foods that start with letter b below-

A list of foods that start with B

1 – Bacon:

The sides or back of pork, which is salted, and then dried/smoked, is called bacon.

2 – Bagel (or beigel):

A doughnut-shaped roll with a tough crust

3 – Baguet (or Baguette):

A long, narrow loaf of french bread is known as baguet.

4 – Baklava:

A cake mainly made in the Middle East, with nuts and honey inside thin layers of pastry.

5 – Baldwin:

An American apple, red and yellow in colour.

6 – Banana:

A long yellow-coloured fruit with soft flesh.

This is one of the popular foods that start with b.

7 – Banger:

Banger is a pork sausage.

A type of sausage made with pork

8 – Bannock:

A kind of bread, made out of oat flour and barley

9 – Bap:

A loaf of bread, often used in burger which is one of the popular foods that start with b.

10 – Barbados Cherry:

A cherry rich in vitamin c, and are red/yellow in colour.

11 – Barbados gooseberry:

An orange-yellow fruit that blooms in the Barbados gooseberry cactus, often used in desserts and jellies.

12 – Barbecue (or barbeque):

A type of meat barbecued or grilled in sauces which are one of the popular foods that start with b.

13 – Barley (or barleycorn):

The grain of the barley plant.

14 – Barmbrack:

A kind of cake, used in halloween in ireland

15 – Bartlett:

A yellow pear, rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants etc.

16 – Basil:

Leaves of the basil plant, rich in specific vitamins other popular foods that begin with b letter.

17 – Bass:

A type of fish found in freshwater, at North America.

18 – Batter:

A liquid mixture of milk, eggs, flour etc. (dough). Mainly used for making pancakes or light cakes.

19 – Batter cake:

A type of cake made with a thin batter.

This is another one of many popular foods beginning with b.

20 – Baba:

A kind of cake puffed up with yeast.

21 – Babka:

A type of cake, made with raisins, orange rind and almond. Sometimes flavoured with chocolate or coffee as well.

22 – Beach plum:

A purple-coloured fruit, often used in jams/jellies.

23 – Beans:

Looks like seeds, eaten worldwide by a considerable amount of people daily.

24 – Béarnaise:

A kind of sauce created with shallots, tarragon and white wine

25 – Beaujolais:

A wine that is consumed after a few months of being made.

26 – Béchamel:

A kind of milk thickened with butter and flour roux. Also known as béchamel sauce.

27 – Beechnut:

The nuts of beech trees are edible.

28 – Beef :

The meat of cattle used to make a wide variety of recipes.

29 – Beef burger:

A type of sandwich made with beef, along with onions, tomato, sauce etc.

30 – Beer:

An alcoholic beverage, prepared mainly with four ingredients – water, barley, yeast and hops.

This is one of the most popular foods that start with b.

31 – Beet (or beetroot):

A round vegetable, in red colour.

32 – Beignet:

A type of doughnut raised with yeast and then deep-fried, with confectioners’ sugar sprinkled upon it

33 – Bell pepper:

A large, sweet pepper, with the shape of a bell which is one of the most well-known foods that start with b.

34 – Benedictine:

A French liqueur created by Benedictine monks.

35 – Benniseed:

The seeds of sesame plant, small and oval shape.

36 – Bercy:

A kind of butter, made creamy with parsley, shallots and white wine.

37 – Berry:

A rounded, juicy fruit that is edible. This is one of the popular foods that start with b.

38 – Beverage:

Beverages are liquids that ought to be drunk.

39 – Bialy (or bialy stoker):

Onion rolls with a hard crust at the bottom

40 – Bigos:

A type of polish stew of cabbage and meat

41 – Bilberry:

Mostly like blueberries, and are black and blue in colour

42 – Biltong:

A type of South African dried meat that is cut and salted then left in the sunlight for drying.

43 – Birds:

Flying animals (vertebrates), often hunted and used for food.

44 – Biryani (or biriani):

A dish made with fish, meat or vegetables, mostly eaten in pakistan and india.

45 – Biscuit:

Biscuit is a small flat sweet cake. A flat, flour-based food that is baked.

46 – Bismarck:

A type of doughnut with a jelly or jam filling.

47 – Bisque:

A French soup made with various crustaceans.

48 – Bitter Orange:

A kind of orange with a low PH level (highly acidic).

49 – Bitok:

A type of Russian dish prepared with ground meat patties served along with a sauce made with sour cream.

50 – Black Cherry:

A kind of cherry often called rum cherry. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants which is one of the popular foods that start with b.

51 – Black currant:

A type of blackberry commonly used in jams or jellies.

52 – Black Pepper:

A flowering vine, cultivated for its fruit called peppercorn.

53 – Black salsify:

An herb with narrow leaves has yellow flower heads. Their roots are edible, similar to carrots.

54 – Blackheart:

A kind of cherry with dark flesh.

55 – Blanc:

A white sauce prepared with vegetables, fat and broth.

56 – Blackberry:

A dark purple edible fruit contains necessary nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, calcium etc.

57 – Blancmange:

A type of sweet dessert made with cream or milk, thickened with gelatin.

58 – Bleu:

A type of cheese with a blue mold.

59 – Blintz:

A kind of pancake which is fried or baked.

60 – Bliny:

A traditional Russian and Ukrainian pancake, prepared with buckwheat flour and yeast.

61 – Bloater:

A type of fatty herring which is salted and smoked before consumption.

62 – Bloody Mary:

A cocktail made with vodka and spicy tomato juice originated from a bar at paris.

63 – Blowfish:

A poisonous fish found in subtropical or tropical waters. Still, it’s eaten by people.

64 – Blueberry:

A kind of berry with a dark blue colour, comes from the blueberry plants.

65 – Bluefin:

Bluefin is the largest tuna. The biggest tuna often called giant Bluefin tuna. This is one of the popular foods that start with b.

66 – Bluefish:

A small fish that lives in the warm water.

67 – Blue point:

Oysters mainly found in the southern shore of Long Island. It is usually eaten raw.

68 – Bootleg:

An illegal whiskey, purified from corn mash.

69 – Booze:

A kind of alcoholic beverage, which is purified and not fermented

70 – Borage:

A type of herb also called starflower. Used to flavour sauces.

71 – Bordeaux:

A type of wine that is red or white, produced in Bordeaux of France.

72 – Bordelaise:

A brown sauce, renowned for its wine.

72 – Borscht:

A type of Russian or polish soup which is prepared with beet juice.

73 – Bosc:

Bosc is a greenish-yellow pear.

A pear which is mainly from belgium or france. Greenish-yellow in colour.

74 – Bouchee:

A type of pastry, with a sweet filling.

75 – Bouillabaisse:

A fish stew cooked with onions and tomatoes, seasoned with saffron, garlic etc.

76 – Bouillon:

A kind of broth prepared by simmering vegetables, chicken etc.

77 – Bourbon:

A type of whiskey purified from malt, rye and corn mash.

78 – Bovril:

A beef extract also used as a medicine for ill people.

79 – Box berry:

A type of berry which is spicy.

80 – Boysenberry:

The boysenberry fruit is mostly large in size, with a raspberry flavour.

81 – Bock:

A synonym for a very stiff lager.

82 – Bok Choy:

A type of plant found in Asia, with a long head consisting of white stalks and dark-green leaves.

83 – Bologna:

A kind of sausage made with pork, beef and veal.

84 – Bomber:

A sizeable sandwich with cheese and meats as its fillings.

85 – Bonbon:

Bonbon is a candy with fruits or nuts, coated in chocolate. A chocolate-coated candy, with nuts or fruits in the inside.

86 – Bonito:

A kind of scombroid fish, not bigger than tuna.

87 – Bran:

A type of food created from the outer shell of cereal grains.

88 – Brandy:

A kind of wine purified, or fermented fruit juice.

89 – Brandy ball:

A brandy-flavoured candy.

90 – Brandy snap:

Brandy snap is a gingersnap that is flavoured with brandy. A type of gingersnap which is brandy-flavoured.

91 – Bratwurst:

A tiny pork sausage.

92 – Brazil nut:

A kind of nut found in Brazil, with three sides along with white flesh and a hard shell.

93 – Bread:

Bread is a food that is made from the dough of flour.

A type of staple food prepared from the dough of flour, eaten every day worldwide.

94 – Breadcrumb:

Bits of bread cut into pieces.

95 – Breadfruit:

A kind of fruit that looks like bread, but is often seedless or seeded.

96 – Breadstick:

A stick-shaped roll foods that start with letter b is also crispy.

97 – Bream:

A salt-water fish.

98 – Brew (or brewage):

A kind of drink which is fermented and not distilled.

99 – Bride cake:

A type of cake that is served in weddings has two or more tiers which are covered in beautiful decorations.

100 – Brie:

A delicate, creamy white cheese.

101 – Brine:

A solution of salt and water.

102 – Brioche:

A kind of roll enriched with eggs and butter foods that start with B which is one of the popular foods that start with b.

103 – Brisket:

A piece of meat from the chest area of the beef.

104 – Brisling:

A small European fish that is also fat.

105 – Brittle:

A type of sugar is caramelized.

106 – Broad bean:

Eatable beans which come from the broad bean plant.

107 – Broccoli:

An edible green plant, the head and the stalk is eaten-one of the popular foods that start with b.

108 – Broiler:

A type of chicken foods that start with B specially raised for the production of meat.

109 – Broth:

A thin soup prepared with meat, vegetables or fish.

110 – Brownie:

A bar of chocolate cake with nuts.

111 – Butty:

Another word for sandwich.

112 – Buckwheat:

A plant that is raised for its seeds.

113 – Buffalo:

A big, brown-coloured bison mainly found in north america. Its meat is consumed in many countries.

114 – Buffalo fish:

A North American fish similar to carp.

115 – Bulgur:

A type of cereal food, also rich in manganese, magnesium, iron etc.

116 – Bull shot:

A type of cocktail foods that start with a b made with beef bouillon and vodka.

117 – Bun:

A round-shaped bread foods that start with the letter b.

118 – Bunya Bunya:

A type of seed with a chestnut flavour.

119 – Burger:

A kind of sandwich prepared with minced beef, tomatoes, sauce, onions etc.

120 – Burgoo:

Porridge made with rolled oats.

121 – Burgundy:

A red-coloured table wine which originated in burgundy.

122 – Burrito:

A Mexican dish where several fillings are wrapped with a flour tortilla.

123 – Burton:

A strong english beer, dark in colour

124 – Butter:

An emulsion of fat globules prepared by stirring milk or cream.

125 – Butter beans:

Eatable green beans that are same as lima beans.

126 – Butter crunch:

A type of lettuce with crispy leaves.

127 – Butterfish:

A little fish with a contracted body.

128 – Buttermilk:

The remains from the creation of butter.

129 – Butternut:

An egg-shaped nut, from the walnut family.

130 – Butterscotch:

A type of candy prepared with butter and brown sugar.

131 – Butternut squash:

A squash with orange flesh, also known as gramma or butternut pumpkin in New Zealand and Australia.


What is your opinion about the above mentioned a list of foods that start with b.

Let us know if anything is missing from the list; we’ll be sure to add it.

There are certain country and language barrier, acting as a hindrance towards us in adding more of them.