What are the Benefits of Tree Pose : Vrikshasana Health Benefits

What are the Benefits of Tree Pose : Vrikshasana Health Benefits

Tree Pose is also called as Vrikshasana. It signifies the lovely, balanced posture like a tree. The benefits of tree pose comprise in helping to get the better pose, offering strength to the hip, making stronger the legs and ankles, stretching the backbone, and bettering flexibility of the muscles of the inside joint while also help with focusing the balance.

benefits of Tree Pose


How to Tree Pose?

  • Stand up straight, set the eyes on a central point in front of you. This posture can also be done when lying on the back if it is very tough to control balance.
  • Hold the weight of the body on the right leg by making straight the joint muscle.
  • When breathing in, raise the left leg along with the sole of the foot positioned on to the calf muscle or middle joint of the standing leg. Should the foot slide, hold the foot by one hand.
  • The inside groin of the curved leg can be extended by changing the knee out to the part and adjusted with the pelvis, taking a breath deeply.
  • While balanced, the hands can be grasping in Namaste in the focus of the upper body or the arms can be picked over the head. If holding onto the leg, the other hand can be picked to the center of the upper body or the open palm stayed at the core center.
  • Continue for 6 – 10 deep breathing’s.
  • Get the raised leg backside to the floor and let down the arms.
  • Do it another time from another side.


Benefits of Tree Pose:

  • Make stronger the 2 legs.
  • Make stronger tendons and connective tissue of the feet and ankles.
  • Betters strength in the legs and stability.
  • Betters pose.
  • Betters attention.
  • Supports to relieve painful back.


When not to do Tree Pose?

Don’t try to do this pose if you are suffering from low blood pressure or hypertension, migraine, and sleeplessness.

benefits of tree pose





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