Know About Warrior 3 Pose: Steps, Benefits with Video Clips-Fitness for Life

Know About Warrior 3 Pose: Steps, Benefits with Video Clips-Fitness for Life

The Warrior Pose is a well-known yoga posture for having its some variations. Warrior 3 pose is one of its category and well-accepted to the maximum people. This pose is also called as “Virabhadrasana”. Warrior 3 pose is very popular for bettering the balance of brains and making stronger the middle parts of the body. Despite this, this posture also useful to make stronger the lower parts of the body, as well as the knees, legs, and ankles. It also makes stronger the shoulders.

How to Do Warrior 3 Pose?

Step 1:

Stand directly in Mountain Pose and take a deep inhalation. Breathe out and curve onward to come into the Camel Pose (Ustrasana). Take a deep inhalation and then breathe out while curving your right knee and taking your left feet 1 step backs.


Step 2:

Make straight yourself in a way like the mid of your body is aligned with the mid of your right thigh. At this stage, your right knee will be at the right viewpoint. Gradually take both your hands to the right knee, positioning your right hand on the outside knee and the left hand on its inside. Raise your torso a bit, squeeze your knee. Breathe out and move a little to the right.


Step 3:

Extend your arms onward, while still holding the lunge. Breathe in once keeping your arms parallel to the ground. Change your body weight to the right heel and make force into the ground. Raise the left leg once rolling out the front leg.


Step 4:

Balance the position by pushing the tailbone into the hip and give pressure to the lifted leg. Don’t try to swing your chest onward while you are balancing yourself. Concentrate on unbending your knee as this will assist you to remain in your pose. Don’t try to lean your hip as that will foil your pose.


Step 5:

Try to take a deep inhalation and lift your head slightly, look ahead. Keep the position for as a minimum thirty seconds. While you will gain more skill in the pose, enhance the time-span to about thirty seconds.


Things to Remember about Warrior 3 Pose:

This pose is very useful for the body. But, it should not be performed for the people who have high blood pressure and heart problems. They must consult their doctor before performing this pose.


Benefits of Warrior 3 Pose:

  • The pose makes stronger the ankles and legs. All the core muscles and the lower body parts are worked well by this pose.
  • When you curve and stretch the lower body parts, it also makes stronger the shoulders and the backside muscles.
  • While you stretch your chest, your backside and belly are strengthened equally. It is vital for you to stretch your belly well; as it can assist you lose fat from there and get better flow to the organs in the abdominal area also.
  • This posture is most famous for bettering your balance. When you do this posture, it helps to align your spine with the knee joint, improve the center of gravity and the stability.

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