Palak Paneer Recipe – An authentic Indian (Punjabi) Dish

Storehouse of minerals and vitamins, spinach must be added to your weekly menu. Palak Paneer is one of the most well-liked Indian recipes around the world. I love it myself with some soft chapatti or Nan, although you can take it with any type of Indian bread or rice also. The preparation and the cooking time for Palak Paneer recipe are needed in between 6-10 minutes and 11-15 minutes. You can serve for 4 people that are given the quantities in this recipe. The level of cooking of this recipe is easy and, its taste is mild.


Palak Paneer recipe


Ingredients and Quantity:


palak paneer


Preparation and Cooking Method for Palak Paneer Recipe:


Step 1
Blanch spinach leaves into adequate water for 15-20 seconds. (Remember that keeping over time spinach into hot water is not good. You may lose the nutrition value of spinach leaves). Take them out from heat and drain into cold water.
Step 2
Squeeze out the extra water from spinach and blend in a food processor to make a fine puree with green chilies.
Step 3
Place a non-stick pan on medium fire with oil. Add cumin seeds and sauté until it turns into color.
Step 4
Throw garlic, sauté and mix properly. Put in prepared spinach puree and the small amount of water and mix properly.
Step 5
Cut cottage cheese into big cubes.
Step 6
Put in lemon juice, salt, and cottage cheese cubes, stir gently and cook for 3-4 minutes.
Step 7
Put in fresh cream and mix properly. Take them out from the fire.
Step 8
Sprinkle cream on top. Your Palak Paneer recipe is ready to serve hot with accompaniments.

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