Stop Nail Biting: Do You Really Need It? 9 Best Nail Biting Tips for You

Nails are very significant parts of the body, particularly for girls who want to beautify it in numerous styles with nail art. The nail saves our fingertips. Therefore, it is vital to nursing them. Cracked and Chipped nails make the hands appear unattractive. Nails troubles are very hard to manage and it can affect the looking of hands and fingers. A person who have appropriately cut and well-groomed nails look very beautiful and good-looking. A few people have a bad habit of biting the nails during their free time. Nail biting can happen because of tension, pressure, and nervousness in lives circumstances, for example, watching a horror movie and waiting for question paper or meeting. A few people bite nails in office and school. Now, we will give a few tips to stop nail biting bad habit.


Here are the 9 Best Ways to Stop Nail Biting:


1. Cut the Nails Short

Cut the Nails Short


You may have a tendency to bite your nails repeatedly if you have long nails. Keep your nails short by cutting them frequently. It will help to stop biting at them. Take manicure the nails regularly for forming them.


2. Apply Chewing Gums and Candies

Apply Chewing Gums and Candies


Chewing gum assists to keep the mouth busy and disturbing the attention away from the nails. Keep gum into the mouth during the day. You can also divert the brain by taking the mint. Apply a mint seasoned gum. Several people like to take candies particularly the flavored ones.


3. Use Neem Oil

Use Neem Oil


Use neem oil on the fingernails with applying cotton. Leave it to be dry naturally. Neem oil is extremely bitter. It will stop you from the habit of nails biting owing to the bad experience of the neem oil.


4. Play with Putty and Stress Ball

Play with Putty and Stress Ball


Keeping the hands busy will help you in stopping the attraction of nails biting. To do this, you can grasp a stress ball in your hands and play with it. One more technique to divert you from nail biting is to play with putty in hands.


5. Apply Gloves and Glue Bandages

Apply Gloves and Glue Bandages


One more method to stop nails biting is to cover the fingers and hands in order that you don’t touch them. To do this, wear gloves on hands. It is also useful to apply glue bandages. This will stick the fingertips and help to stop nails biting.


6. Apply Fake Nails

Apply Fake Nails


Applying fake nail is a good method to stop you from nails biting. Apply acrylic nails. You require attaching these things on the nail with adhesive. Moreover, you can apply press-on nails.


7. Apply Nail Polish

Apply Nail Polish


An excellent method to stop you from nail biting is applying nail polish on the fingernails. Use nail polish of a vibrant or bright color. Make a beautiful design with applying nail polish. It will boost you to develop long nails.


8. Use Garlic

Use Garlic


Chop 2 cloves of garlic. Put them on the nails. Take rest for a few minutes and then wash off. When you have the mood of nails biting, you will come back by the taste of garlic. Using garlic oil will also help you to stop nail biting practice.


9. Apply a Capsaicin Cream

Apply a Capsaicin Cream


Purchase a nail prevention cream and apply it on the nails. The cream has a bad and bitter taste and it will help you to stop from biting the nails. Apply a cream that has black and cayenne pepper.


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