These 5 Summer Bath Tips will keep you Refresh During the Day

Bathing is necessary and we don’t realize its value until we face all kinds of skin troubles like itchy heat, itchiness, and body odor, besides feeling tired and much more in the unkind summer months. So how can we manage this harsh summer hotness and the changes of living in dry, hot, or damp climates? Believe it or not, right bathing ingredients can change your feeling all over the summer months. Simply take some steps with a few basics for an effective and mind blowing Summer Bath.


summer bath


As early times, the idea of bathing has held many importances for women. But in Today’s stressful lifestyles and lack of time, baths and showers have unluckily become a rapid, five minutes scrub and soap habit. But ancient time women used to spend hours slowly bathing in milk or water, same to the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. A devoted time for shower or bathing, with careful scrubbing and moisturizing, is necessary for keeping your skin clean in the warmth.


Bubble Bath:

natural bubble bathThe basics of a bath take in nail brush, a good back-brush, massage mitten, pumice stone etc. Soft Melody in the bathroom can be very calming and setting-up a candle-lit works well for the ideal mood of soothing.

Keep in mind that put your mobile phones on silent mode, keep a ‘don’t disturb’ sign outer your room, and do everything you need to stop any breaks while you relax.

Soak yourself as a minimum thirty minutes a week in a bathtub to which the next things can be included:


bubble bath

Simply stop thinking about the outside world and keep your body cool in the odorous luxury.


Fragrant Shower Time:

Nowadays’ we give great value in time and job. To stay it odorous smooth, here are some easy summer bath tips.

fragrant shower time


Maximum of us apply bouquet garni ( a inbunch of herbs) in cooking, therefore why not keep it on the bathroom shelf also? It will help removing dead skin cells and also will keep your skin soft and flexible. You can use bouquet garni by employing cotton swabs or surgical bandage. Include the ingredients: 1 tsp each of milk powder, oatmeal or rice powder, starch, rose petals, and some drops of lavender oil. Tie it up with the cotton swabs or bandage properly by using a ribbon or rubber band, and store them in good-looking jars on your bathroom shelf. This will last for 2 weeks.

During shower or bathe, massage it all over your moist skin gently. The starch will work as an organic skin tightened, milk powder will remain your skin smooth and soft, the rose petals will tone the skin and keeps it feeling odorous, oatmeal will act as an organic exfoliates.


Here are Some summer Bath Methods you can Apply Everyday:


  1. Honey and Vinegar Bath:

honey and vinegar bath

Mix 1 cup vinegar and 1 tsp honey in a water container or bathtub. This is very helpful to decreases irritation and exhaustion. This exceptional summer bath will give your skin feeling soft and care for sunburn.


  1. Honey and Rose Oil Bath:

honey rose oil bath


In the summer with Ultraviolet rays regularly make the skin dry and inconsistent. To reduce the effect, fill your water container or bathtub with the next ingredients:


Honey and Rose Oil Bath


  1. Mogra – Arabian Jasmine Flowers:

arabian jasmine flowers bath


I have regularly seen its smell or fragrance makes you feel better plus help in bringing extra bounce. Mogras are available in the summer and they give a magnificent cooling and deep effect on the skin if included to your bathtub.


  1. Cleansing Grains and Body Scrubs:

cleansing grains and-body scrubs


The invention of Cleansing Grains and Body Scrubs has not been used by the new-styled beauty business, it has been well-known by very old princesses, queens, our ancestors also our grandmothers the world over. An easily presented natural exfoliates like grains of sand were applied centuries before in Africa to clean and make smooth the feet and also to remove dead skin cells.

keep a jar of ready to use cleansing grains in your bathroom and make some natural scrub by mixing the next ingredients for removing sunburn along with keeping your skin silky soft:


Cleansing Grains and Body Scrubs


The method of preparation: Mix all the ingredients and scrub all over the body, mainly the neck, elbows, knees, back, and thighs. Your skin will feel clean, glow, and because this natural body scrub will assist to inspire your blood circulation.


  1. Bath Powders, Fruits, Spices, and Flowers:

Summer Bath can be in a container or a bathtub and it can be made very enjoying with flowers, bath powders, spices, and fruits to enjoy the smell of different herbs, flowers, and fruits. Lemon slices soaked in your water can give your skin smelling amazingly fresh and clean. This citrus fruit is absolutely a preferred for the summer months. Just 5 minutes of a bath can remain you cool and fragrant daylong.


Bath Powders, Fruits, Spices and Flowers


When you are thoroughly dry (and always remember to wipe between your toes and other body parts that maximum people overlook), moisturize your skin with some drops of sandalwood oil or a light cream moisturizer. This will help to keep the skin’s moisture from the harsh summer sun. Try to use anti-perspiring or a body deodorant during summer to stop bad body smell.

It is also vital before you make a decision for bathing beauty in summer that this you require taking in fresh fruits, lots of water, juices and special salads.


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