16 Effective Ways to Lose Belly Fat Naturally and Its Possible to Do at Home

Belly fat is an uncomfortable thing, which makes your clothes tight fitting. It is also called as unsafe visceral fat. The higher possibility of heart disease and type 2 diabetes occurs for this kind of fat. Doctors and health organization generally use body mass index (BMI) to see the weight and calculate the possibility of metabolic ailment. But, this is confusing. Persons with extra belly fat are at higher risk, even though they may look thin. Losing extra fat from belly can be tough, but there are some ways you can follow to cut excess belly fat. Here are 16 best scientific ways to lose belly fat below-

Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Ways to lose Belly Fat-


  1. Consume enough Soluble Fiber:

Soluble fiber soaks up water and makes a type of gel that slows down food processing in your digestive system. Studies have proven that this kind of fiber helps to lose weight by keeping you feeling full, therefore you normally eat a smaller amount. It also decreases the volume of calorie burning for food absorbing.

A study conducted on 1100 people over five years and discovered that by increasing every 10-grams of soluble fiber eating, belly fat reduced by 3.7%.

Try to eat high-fiber foods daily. You can get the high volume of soluble fiber from avocados, flaxseeds, Brussels sprouts, shirataki noodles, blackberries, and legumes.


  1. Don’t Try to Eat Trans Fats:

Trans fats are produced by driving hydrogen into unsaturated fats, for example, soybean oil. They are normally found in a few kinds of margarine, spreading’s, and some packaged foods.

These type of fats are directly connected to happening heart disease, inflammation, insulin conflict and belly fat increase.

A research has conducted over 6 years period on some monkeys with high-trans-fat diet, they gained 33% more abdominal fat than other monkeys.

To cut belly fat and to keep yourself in good health condition, see the ingredient labels and stand back from trans fats products. This type of fats is also stated as “partially hydrogenated” fats.


  1. Try to eat High-Protein Diet:

Protein keeps a vital role for weight control. High protein eating enhances the release of PYY hormone that drops craving and keeps you full. Protein helps to increases metabolic rate and also keeps your muscle mass during the period of weight loss.

Several studies have proven that if you eat more protein, you have a possibility to have less belly fat. Confirm including a good protein at each meal, for example, fish, eggs, dairy or nuts.


  1. Say Good Bye to Alcohol:

Alcohol may have a few health benefits, however it is very risky if you drink it excessively. Studies recommend that drinking too much alcohol makes you excess belly fat. Reducing alcohol will support you to decrease your waist size. You don’t require quitting alcohol totally, if you enjoy it, however decrease the quantity you drink in a day.

A study conducted over 2000 people who drank lower than 1 drink daily had fewer belly fat than the person who drank more alcohol regularly.


  1. Try to Decrease Stress:

Stress can increase excess belly fat by gathering cortisol around the adrenal glands. High cortisol levels raise craving and store excess fat in the abdominal. Women with large waist make more cortisol for stress. High cortisol drives to produce excess fat around the abdominal. Involve yourself with enjoyable activities such as meditation or yoga poses. They can be effective ways to lose belly fat.


  1. Do Aerobic Exercise:

Aerobic exercise is also called as “cardio”. This is one of the best way to burn calories and improve health. But, you should mix moderate to high-strength exercise to get the best outcome.

Now, you may ask a question that how much and how often exercise you need to do? A study conducted over 100 young women, divided into 2 groups. The first group of women did 300 minutes of aerobic exercise and the other group did 150 minutes per week. The first group cut more belly fat than the second one.


  1. Don’t try to Eat too much Sugary Foods:

Sugar holds fructose that are directly connected to happening many long-lasting diseases, If you consume it in excess amount. For example obesity, heart disease, fatty liver ailment and type 2 diabetes.

Different studies have proven that there are direct connection between high sugar eating and excess belly fat. Processed sugar can occur gaining excess belly fat. Even organic honey should be taken carefully.


  1. Decrease Eating carbohydrate, mostly Processed Carbs:

Decrease Eating carbohydrate. It can be very useful for losing belly fat. It is recommended to eat 50 grams of carbohydrate per day for the overweight person to lose belly fat. But this amount is not suggested for the person with type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome affected women.

Don’t follow a strict low-carb diet plan. Try not to eat processed carbs. Simply, eat unrefined starchy carbohydrate that will develop your metabolic health and decrease belly fat .


  1. Do Some Weights Lifting to Lose Belly Fat:

Weight lifting is important for continuing and gaining muscle bulk. People with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and fatty liver disease; Weight lifting may also be useful for losing belly fat. Combining between aerobic exercise and strength training will be useful to decrease huge amount of visceral fat. Get advices from an expert trainer to start a weight lifting training.


  1. Use Coconut Oil for Cooking:

Coconut oil is one of the best way to lose belly fat. This medium-chain fats can increase your metabolism and decrease the fat storing for high calorie intake.

Different studies have proven, if an overweight person took coconut oil for twelve weeks daily, they can lose about 1.1 inch from their waists without altering diets or exercise routines. To get the best outcome, take about 2 tbsp. of coconut oil each day. But, remember that coconut oil contain high calories. Rather than including extra fat to your diet, just replace some coconut oil.


  1. Stay Away from Sugary Drinks:

Sugary drinks and beverages are filled with fructose that are responsible for gaining fat in liver. Sugary beverages are more risky than high-sugar diets. As, your brain can easily process the solid calorie than the fluid one. It will be the best decision, if you totally avoid sugary drinks like soda and sweet tea along with alcoholic mixing sugary drinks.


  1. Observe Your Food Eating and Exercise:

Writing note on a food diary, keeping a digital food tracker or app can help showing your calorie eating. This technique is very helpful for weight loss. Furthermore, food-tracking apps can help you showing your protein eating, fiber, carbs and micronutrients as well as your physical movement.


  1. Get Sufficient of Relaxed Sleep:

Sleep is a vital thing for many health aspects, as well as your weight. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will gain more weight and belly fat. A study have been conducted over 68,000 women for 16-years. Revealed that who slept not more than 5 hours at night, they were significantly gained weight than who slept 7 hours or more at night. If you suspect you have sleep disorder, go to a doctor for advice.


  1. Eat Fatty Fish Every Week:

Fatty fish is a very healthy diet. They contain omega-3 fats and other high quality protein for keeping you safe from different ailment. Omega-3 fats also help to decrease visceral fat. People who are with fatty liver disease, they should take fish oil supplements to decrease fatty liver and belly fat.

Have 2-3 portions of fatty fish each week. It will be a good decision, if you include sardines, anchovies, salmon, herring and mackerel in your diet.


  1. Include Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Diet:

Apple cider vinegar has outstanding health and healing benefits, along with dropping blood sugar levels. Acetic acid in apple cider vinegar helps to decrease abdominal fat storage in many animal studies .

A study conducted for obese men over 12 weeks period, they lost 1/2 inch fat from their waists for taking 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar every day.


  1. Drink Green Tea:

Green tea is a healthy beverage. It contains caffeine that helps to increase metabolism and to lose belly fat. You may get the best outcome if you drink green tea combining with exercise.

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