Know about Zika Virus Infections, Symptoms and It's Home Remedies

Know about Zika Virus Infections, Symptoms and It’s Home Remedies

The Zika Virus is a dangerous warning sign around the world nowadays; therefore it’s vital to know everything you can about the risk and cures.

What is Zika Virus?

What is Zika Virus


One of the most alarming syndrome in current years has come in the Zika Virus. This virus was mostly unfamiliar outer the telescope belt of Africa until 2007; this name comes from the Zika Forest in Uganda, whereas the virus was identified for the first time in the 1940s.

Scientifically this virus is called “Flavivirus Genus” and is spread by mosquitoes in the “Genus Aedes”- usually noticed in subtropical areas.


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The virus is directly connected to West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever. Firstly, Mosquitoes bite infects someone and then infects the next 1-5 person in the similar “blood meal”. Zika virus can also be shifted by doing sexual relationship, even if this is a less regular means of infection.

But, the Zika virus has confirmed to have extra complications, mostly as it grew and spread in new ecosystems in the past decade.

Occasionally the indications are unseen or mild; however, the virus can be extended from mother to unborn baby. It occurs brain damage, microcephalus, and other congenital disorder.

The first method to stop Zika virus is to leave subtropical areas where its eruptions have happened. If you are pregnant and planning to visit this place, it would be a very foolish decision.


Zika Virus Symptoms:


As said above, Zika virus normally presents itself like a slight type of dengue fever, however, for other times, the indications could be more serious. At some situation within the first 2 weeks, we may see some of the next symptoms.

  • Gentle itchiness
  • Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Minor Fever
  • Pinkeye

These indications are simple; however, if you are in a high-risk and start to see these indications without a diagnosis or a reason, it might be a good decision to go to a doctor.

If you are in the risk after diagnostic, women should wait as a minimum eight weeks to conceive, whereas men should wait at least eight months, as the virus can continue for a long time in the semen.

Keep in mind, there is no vaccine or medicine that can care for against Zika. If you’re pregnant and have become infected, the consequences can be very bad. Anticipation is vital.

But, there are a few significant natural remedies for Zika Virus that you should apply at home.


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Home Remedies for Zika Virus:


Papaya Juice:

Papaya Juice


Papaya juice is one of the most effective home remedies for dengue fever. As it is considered these 2 kinds of viruses are almost same, papaya juice is a regular suggestion to handling Zika also. Crush some papaya leaves and take out the juice, dilute with water if needed.

The high antioxidants and powerful enzymes in papaya, mainly “papain” can assist improving the immune system, raise blood platelet level, reduce the pain and aches of the infection. But, papain can be unsafe for fetuses; therefore this remedy should not be employed for pregnant women.


Cat’s Claw:

Cat’s Claw


The most significant thing about cat’s claw is that this herb is full of definite alkaloids, which boost the flexibility and the strength of your immune system. By raising the capability of your white blood cells to neutralize and absorb pathogens, cat’s claw is a perfect support for Zika. You can take cat’s claw in capsule, tincture, or extract type.





Curcumin is a powerful part of turmeric and is one of the best antioxidants. Curcumin helps to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation all over the body, make it easier to get rid of the virus and its indications rapidly; therefore Curcumin is regarded as an important tool against Zika.


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Vitamin C:

Vitamin C


When you are suffering from any kind of infection, it’s generally owing to your immune system being settled in a few ways. The best way to get your immune system back is to increase your vitamin C eating.

Vitamin C works as an antioxidant, increases white blood cell making, and is an essential part of reproduction and restoration of damaged body parts. If you’re suffering from Zika, include vitamin C type foods in your diet, for example, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, bell peppers, cauliflower and kiwi to your diet!





The well-known remedial powers of garlic work well against bacteria, virus and fungal infections. besides, it also works well as a  tonic for Zika virus. Allicin is present in garlic, which is able to make stronger the immune system and get rid of the indications of the virus, for example aching muscles and fevers. Garlic supplements, powder or extract is very useful remedial for this virus.





Herbal antivirals are essential when it comes to fighting the infection like Zika. Echinacea has been employed for many years to get better the power of the immune system and decrease inflammation all over the body. You can take Echinacea supplements or tea or take directly to get remedy from the Zika infection.


Selenium-Rich Foods:

Selenium Rich Foods


Apart from vitamin C, our immune system is not capable of working without selenium, a necessary mineral that several people neglect. Selenium confirms the correct role and use of the immune system, mainly against viruses.

Selenium also works as an antioxidant in a few circumstances; therefore it can do surprisingly against the Zika virus. Selenium-rich foods found in sunflower seeds, oysters, Brazil nuts, turkey, tuna, and sardines.


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Zinc-Rich Foods:

Zinc Rich Foods


One more main part of our immune system health and strength is zinc. Without zinc, our immune system will not work as fast while searching viruses and bacteria. Zinc is also vital for the growth of new cells and proteins. That means, it helps to recover and repair the next infection. Zinc-rich foods contain pumpkin seeds, beef, oysters, veal, shrimp and flax seeds.


Warning: As said above, several indications of the Zika virus may be slight, however, the effects can really be crushing, mainly for a pregnant mother or who are expecting to get pregnant. If you see any abnormal indications or have visited a high-risk region, you should go to a doctor. Before employing these home remedies you have to discuss with a healthcare expert person.










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