3 Simple and Easy Yoga Exercise for Hips # 100% Proven and Verified Method

Bulky hips can be decreased by doing some yoga poses, if you do them regularly in the evening or morning. Yoga is a regulation that not only help you in decreasing body fat but also helps a person both in psychologically and mentally. If you are facing a problem with bulky hips, don’t worry. Perform these 3 simple steps for five minutes daily, it will support you much to build your hips less bulky. Here are 3 simple Yoga exercise for hips below-


The Wind-Free Posture (Pavan Muktasana):

The Wind Free Posture


Sleep on your backside with your legs equally. Keep your two hands on both sides of the body. Lift both your legs from the floor. Confirm that your knees will not be creased. Lift your legs from the hips itself 450 angle. At this time, crease your legs on the knee joint and get them near to your upper body. Your hands should be positioned on the side of your body as your legs are creased. Then hold your right knee by your left palm and the other way around. Lift your head with the jaw facing up and try to touch your jaw to your knee joint.

Pavan Muktasana pose makes the pressure on the belly and hip muscles for bringing them to shape and decreasing the size.


 The Cobra Posture (Bhujangasana):



For performing Cobra pose, sleep on your upper body. Sleep on a plane floor in using a thin level of carpet. Position your toes and knees together without giving space between the 2 legs. Your temple should touch the floor. 2 Hands should be on the both sides of the body and the palms should be faced up. The 1st step is to crease your hands on the elbow. Place the palms on the side of the body touching the torso, facing down. With this pose, now lift your face and head in the front track. Gradually give weight on your lower back muscles and get your chest up. Slowly, your whole chest will be in the air. Therefore, the belly, backbone and hip area muscles are stretched.


The Bow Posture (Dhanurasana):

The Bow Posture


This is one of the best yoga exercise for hips. For doing this pose, lie down your torso with your temple touching the ground. Hands have to be placed on the both sides of the body and Legs should be positioned together. Crease your knees and raise your legs. Now, twist your legs in order that they need to reach to your hips. This time, apply your right hand to grasp the right ankle joint and also catch the left ankle joint with applying left hand. Prior to you hold your legs with their own hands, lift your face and confirm your jaw is touching the ground. While your hands are catching the ankle joint try at elevating your thighs and chest. Your total body pressure will be on the curved navel pose. As a result of this pressure on the muscles, the fat masses will reduce.

So, try these 3 easy and simple yoga exercise for hips at home. Please leave your comments below-


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