8 Natural Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair Loss Definition:

It is common to fall Hair for everybody and it doesn’t matter, if 50-100 hair falls every day. But hair loss occurs while normal falling of hair causes in losing the hair from the scalp. Rapidly losing hair may not only a disease but also happens for genetics, ageing or varies in the hormones.


Reasons for Hair Loss:

Hairstyles: Every person wants their hair to look super by applying dissimilar types of hairstyles which may look fashionable; however there are a number of hairstyles have a tendency to pull the hair firmly that may reason for hair fall.


Scalp Infectivity: Itchy scalp may happen because of a few infections such as- serious dandruff and ringworm, an organism which leaves in red, itchy spots in the scalp happens to hair loss.


Poor Diet: Hair loss also may happen for poor diet. That means, lack of very important ingredients such as iron, proteins, minerals and vitamins and other nutrients.


Strain: anxiety is a body reply that challenges and occasionally troubles someone’s health. Over pressure to the body happens the hair to fall and stop producing, which will later consequence in hair loss.


Cosmetics: some Products are applied for coloring or straightening the hair that have chemical elements and they can impact the hair. Still, a few products like hair conditioner, shampoo, or serum have chemical substances in them. Excessive usage of hair Products can break the hair follicles and make hair loss.


Medicine: It is another problem for causing hair loss. Taking High power medicine may result in various side effects in the body which can harm the hair roots and cause too much hair fall.


Water: We must be conscious about drinking water supply in our house. It might have chemical substances such as copper, magnesium and minerals which can damage your hair and also responsible for hair loss.


Home Remedies for Hair Loss:

Currently, Hair fall is a common problem. Want to know some effective ways to stop hair loss? Here are a few home remedies for Hair Loss that you can abide by:


Coconut Milk:

coconut milk


Coconut milk is very useful natural home remedies for hair loss. Use coconut milk and massage gently on the scalp or hair roots. It supports in remaining the hair and boosts hair growth.





It is also known as Indian gooseberry. It is needless to say that, Amla has natural content for hair growth. Place a few pieces of dried amla in coconut oil; boil until the oil comes in black color. Rest them to Cool and keep in a container with lid. Massage oil gently before taking bath in your scalp and leave them for 25-30 minutes. Wash off carefully with lukewarm water and with a shampoo. Apply this process regularly to stop hair loss.





It is a natural hair conditioner and colorant. Take some henna powder, 1 cup of curd and 1 egg to make a mixture. Mix all the ingredients properly and rest them for whole night and use the paste on hair gently in the following day. Keep it for about 45 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.





Are you tired for your hair fall and dandruff? Apply Neem. It is a natural anti-bacterial and antiseptic agent. Neem is also measured as a natural home remedies for hair loss. Without any side effect, it supports in handling the scalp and hair trouble. Add a handful of neem leaves in 2 cups of boiling water. Cook them till the water comes into greenish color. Apply the neem water at the last moment of your hair washing. This will remain your scalp and hair healthy.





They are rich in sulphur which makes the hair stronger. It can be applied as a hair conditioner to stop dry or curly hair. Beat a whole egg with whisk and use it in the hair. After leaving about 25 minutes and wash off with normal water and a shampoo.


Aloe Vera:



Aloe vera is a plant. It holds minerals and vitamins and utilized for dealing with hair loss. When Aloe vera plant is cut we can see one kind of gel and it can be applied as a hair conditioner. after taking a head bath, Massage that gel in the hair gently. keep it for 2-3 hours and wash out with lukewarm water.





Onion is one more home remedies for hair loss. Use the onion juice in the scalp and keep it for about 1 hour earlier washing your hair.





lemon juice is also a simple home remedies for hair loss that you can apply. Use the juice in the hair and add some drops of warm coconut or olive oil. Gently Massage oil in the scalp, keep it for about 30 minutes and wash off hair properly with a shampoo.


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